Simple Woodturning Tools

Package of 4 Carbide Simple Woodturning Tools with Interchangeable Handle

Full Size Pkg 4 Handle
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When you own this American made 4 tool package you will have all the Simple Woodturning  tools™ described below.

You may also purchase up to 4 handles with this package

Watch video demonstrations here.


Woodturning tools include:

  1. Simple Rougher™ (SR) - Typically the first tool used to quickly rough a block to a cylinder and shape the profile. You must choose one of the carbide cutter selections from the above drop down box. The 6" radius is the preferred cutter choice. 
    - Cutter selection details HERE
    - Tool details HERE.

  2. Simple 90° Detailer™ (S90D) - For detail work such as beads and cutting perfectly square inside corners. Also a great tool for rapid material removal especially inside a bowl.
    - Tool details HERE.

  3. Simple 55° Detailer™ (S55D) - For fine detail work such as beads and coves in spindles. Perfect for cutting the dovetail tenon needed for holding a blockn in a 4 jaw chuck.  
    - Tool details HERE.

  4. Simple Shear Cutting Finisher® (SSCF) - A finishing tool that leaves an excellent surface finish so sanding is reduced to a minimum. Requires a bit of practice to master but is often the favorite tool of them all.- Tool details HERE.

Plus ... the Simple Interchangeable Lathe Tool Handle™ - All Simple Wood Turning Tools™ fit in this handle.

More product details and photos HERE

Tool details:

Material: Solid steel beautifully nickel plated
Overall tool length: 12"
Handle tang: 2.5" x .5" diameter

Handle Details:

Material: Solid aluminum CNC machined core covered with a comfortable foam rubber grip
Overall length: 17"
Outside diameter: 1 3/8"
Opening for tool: ½" diameter
Tools are easily changed by loosening two stainless steel allen set screws.

Replacement carbide cutters are available HERE.

Every woodturning tool in this package will work in our Simple Hollowing System.

Any questions just e-mail or call us, we're glad to help.


Here's what our customers say:

Kerry, I have just received my 90 degree detailer and am more than happy with it. It may become my all time favorite lathe tool. This is the third lathe tool i have ordered from you, i also just received my round bowl finishing scraper from amazon.  this is the second one i have ordered i am so pleased with it. I have been on the lathe for about ten years and have all the other brands sorby etc. I wish your tools had been out then, i would have saved a lot of money on sharpening systems and time it took to learn how to correctly use these other tools. They are obsolete now and doubt i will ever use them again, and not only that, it is more of a pleasure using your tools, and as a consequence i am starting more varied lathe projects. And am surprised at the high quality of this 90 degree detailer and excellent handle.  Sincerely  Daniel -  Livonia Mich.


Amazing tools!

Written by CAROLE OKULEY on 16th Jul 2017

These cutters are wonderful! We should have started out with these instead of wasting time, money and energy on a competitor's inferior set! Thank you!

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