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When you own this American made 6 tool package you will have all Simple Woodturning  tools™ except the Simple Parting Tool™. 

Package includes the 6 tools described below.  You may also purchase up to 6 handles with this package.

The Simple Parting tool can be seen HERE


Woodturning tools include:

  1. Simple Rougher™ (SR) - Typically the first tool used to quickly rough a block to a cylinder and shape the profile. You must choose one of the carbide cutter selections from the above drop down box. The 6" radius is the preferred cutter choice. 
    - Cutter selection details HERE
    - Tool details HERE.

  2. Simple Turner & Hollower™ (STH) - A great all around woodturning tool that's the simplest turning & hollowing tool to master on the market today.
    - Tool details HERE

  3. Simple 90° Detailer™ (S90D) - For detail work such as beads and cutting perfectly square inside corners. Also a great tool for rapid material removal especially inside a bowl.
    - Tool details HERE.

  4. Simple 55° Detailer™ (S55D) - For fine detail work such as beads and coves in spindles. Perfect for cutting the dovetail tenon needed for holding a blockn in a 4 jaw chuck.  
    - Tool details HERE.

  5. Simple Shear Cutting Finisher® (SSCF) - A finishing tool that leaves an excellent surface finish so sanding is reduced to a minimum. Requires a bit of practice to master but is often the favorite tool of them all.- Tool details HERE.

  6. Simple Swan Neck Hollower™ (SSNH) - Specifically designed to reach areas inside hollow form vessels that are inaccessible using straight shaft tools.  
    - Tool details HERE 

Plus ... the Simple Interchangeable Lathe Tool Handle™ - All Simple Wood Turning Tools™ fit in this handle.

More product details and photos HERE

Tool details:

Material: Solid steel beautifully nickel plated
Overall tool length: 12"
Handle tang: 2.5" x .5" diameter

Handle Details:

Material: Solid aluminum CNC machined core covered with a comfortable foam rubber grip
Overall length: 17"
Outside diameter: 1 3/8"
Opening for tool: ½" diameter
Tools are easily changed by loosening two stainless steel allen set screws.

Replacement carbide cutters are available HERE.

Every woodturning tool in this package will work in our Simple Hollowing System.

Any questions just e-mail or call us, we're glad to help.


Here's what our customers say:

Kerry, I have just received my 90 degree detailer and am more than happy with it. It may become my all time favorite lathe tool. This is the third lathe tool i have ordered from you, i also just received my round bowl finishing scraper from amazon.  this is the second one i have ordered i am so pleased with it. I have been on the lathe for about ten years and have all the other brands sorby etc. I wish your tools had been out then, i would have saved a lot of money on sharpening systems and time it took to learn how to correctly use these other tools. They are obsolete now and doubt i will ever use them again, and not only that, it is more of a pleasure using your tools, and as a consequence i am starting more varied lathe projects. And am surprised at the high quality of this 90 degree detailer and excellent handle.  Sincerely  Daniel -  Livonia Mich.


6-Set Simple Woodturning Tools

Written by Dennis Barrack on 29th Aug 2016

The first noticeable thing is the quality of the tools. Heavy steel with flat edges that keep me from wondering if my angle is correct. However, I watched one of your videos on how to use the round skewer which said it should be held at an angle in the direction you move. Would have been nice to hone that tool with those angles. The carbide tips are razor sharp, and easy to replace. Night and day when compared with high speed steel tools. They have added a great deal to the enjoyment and the success I get from turning. The handle is perfect. Large but very comfortable to manage. I like to wear gloves when turning but found that when using wooden handled tools slippery against the glove material. No such problem with the padded handles. All and all I'm very satisfied with my imvestment and have Harrison Specialties as a favorite vendor.

Great tools

Written by Don on 15th Jun 2016

This is the best set of tools I have purchased to date the finish on my projects are great. Thanks

Exceeded Expectations

Written by tripper Showell on 11th Jan 2016

I am new to turning. Product arrived on time, well packed and the quality lived up to expectations set by other reviewers. Will be doing more business with this firm,.

Highest quality sharpest ever!

Written by Vern Hestand on 5th May 2015

I have been turning deep cremation urns with a very thin side wall. Sense using the Harrison carbide tipped set I've yet to need to sharpen my tools which allows me more time at the lathe. With more time turning my production has gone up and the end product is so smooth on the easy to get to outside as well as the deep interior. I am absolutely pleased with these finely crafted tools.

easy to use

Written by Zach L on 22nd Mar 2015

They are easy to use once you figure out that these tools must be at center. Once you have the center spot found these cut really well. There is a bit of a learning curve with these tools but over all I'm pretty happy with them. I've read many times (after the fact) not to go with carbide tools but I like them. they take a lot of wood away or you can just barely shave it to. Over all great tools.

Beautiful tools that work at a decent price

Written by undefined on 13th Mar 2015

Got all six full sized tools with a couple extra handles. Turned some jatoba yesterday and these tools worked wonderfully. The turning ended up having a large diameter of almost 4 inches by 10 inches long and started off as an odd sized blank. Doing this with a normal HSS roughing gouge is not hard, but is a workout as the jatoba is pretty hard and dense. With the Simple tools, it was way easier, faster, and much less physical. I love these tools and have used every one except the hollower which I will try out in the next couple days. When you consider the cost of quality HSS turning tools, this set is a bargain. They are beautiful to look at, and nice and heavy making them easy to use on relatively large work pieces. They are also very sharp -- much sharper than Robert Sorby carbide tipped tools, for example.

Big difference in cutting from my old tools.

Written by Fred on 27th Jan 2015

Just started with the carbide and can only say WOW. These are great tools. Some learning curve but you can really work over a piece of wood in a hurry. I am going to love doing projects with these tools. The longer handles are my preference and they really make for a good stable balance when working wood. I am finding some of the roughing tools have a really neat ability to be aggressive or very soft when needed. The one and only negative thing I have found so far is the carbide bit indexing strews. Seems you need several sizes and or types of bits to remove or tighten them. For most it will not be a problem but for some you may need to buy the bits as they do not come with the set. I look forward to many years of working with these gouges. Thank you so much for the great tools.

best tools i have ever used

Written by ronald daniewicz on 9th Jun 2014

these are the best lathe tools I have ever takes a little getting used to but they cut so nice. I would highly recommend them

Cuts Great!

Written by John R. on 6th Apr 2014

All the cutter work very well and cut through the wood as if it was butter. Only possible disadvantage is having to change cutter in the handles. I did order an extra but I may order more to make switching cutter faster. Great Tools!!

Very impessed

Written by Shaun on 28th Mar 2014

I have to admit I was not expecting what I received. This is an excellent set of tools, but even more impressive was the packaging that I received this shipment in. Very sturdy tubing for each piece along with extra padding. I will be able to store all the tools in the packaging they arrived in for many years! Also, thanks for the handy ''Note Pad'' included in the package! It shows the concern you have for your customers. I WILL purchase from this company again!

Best I've Used

Written by Mike on 18th Feb 2014

The write up on these carbide tipped tools almost sounded too good to be true, but they are. I'm relatively new to turning and these cut the learning curve in half. Talk about cutting! Very smooth and easy to use. I would highly recommend.

wonderful !!!

Written by Luigi Sardella on 4th Feb 2014

I love these tools .... received as the imagined ... are already working hard in my studio .. Thank you very much Harrison Specialties....

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