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Simple Hollowing System

The Simple Hollowing System will accept any turning tool with a 1/2" round handle tang. The laser assembly and the carbide tools are optional.
Tools with a 3/8" round handle tang can be used in this system with the addition of the SHS Bushing found HERE.
Tools with a 5/8" round handle tang can be used in this system by replacing the tool holder with this 5/8" tool holder.

  • Simple Hollowing System for woodturning shown on Jet Lathe EVS 1642 wood lathe

    Simple Hollowing System with Laser & Optional Tools

    The Simple Hollowing System is available with laser and optional tools to suit many woodturners. With the laser always showing exactly where the cutter is inside your hollow form or bowl, all the stress and fear of catches is eliminated. Now precise wall...

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    Simple Hollowing system on a nova DVR wood lathe.

    Simple Hollowing System for Woodturning Lathe

    The Simple Hollowing System is available with a variety of options to suit many woodturners. The base system has no laser or tools. It comes with the articulating arm and all the mounting hardware. You can add the laser using the selections above, or...

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  • Laser Assembly for Simple Hollowing System

    This item is the laser assembly for the Simple Hollowing System. This is only the laser assembly and laser mounting rod. No Hollowing System or any tools are included. Laser technical drawing here. The complete Simple Hollowing System can be...

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  • 5/8" Tool Holder for Simple Hollowing System

    Tool holder for Simple Hollowing System that will accept tools with 5/8" round handle tang. The tool holder that shipped with the Simple Hollowing System prior to 9/20/2017 only accepted tools with 1/2" round handle tang. This tool holder can replace...

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  • 3/8" tool bushing for mounting a tool with a 3/8" tang in a 1/2 tool holder or handle.

    Simple Hollowing System Bushing for 3/8" Tools

    This bushing allows 3/8" diameter tools to be mounting in a handle or tool holder with a 1/2" ID bore. An example would be mounting our Mid Size Tools in the Full Size Handle or the Simple Hollowing System™ tool holder. Any 3/8" diameter can be...

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