Carbide Woodturning Tools Motorcycle Backrests

Harrison Specialties is a family-owned and operated machining and manufacturing company located in Ramsey Minnesota.

Our American-made product lines include carbide tipped Simple Woodturning Tools and lawn stripers for commercial Zero Turn lawnmowers.


Simple Wood Turning Tools with carbide tips cutters are available in full size and mid size models. Many different cutter shapes are available on these tools. They make it possible to turn virtually any project from a large-size bowl to finely detailed spindles to small custom pens.

The Simple Hollowing System makes it very easy to hollow out any shape turning. Even a closed form vessel is possible with Simple Swan Neck Hollower tool.

Lawn stripers are steel rollers mounted at the rear of the mower deck on a zero turn commercial lawn mower. Professional lawnmowers use these striping kits to create decorative patterns while mowing lawns. Many times they’re referred to as “ballpark stripes” because they remind us of the stripes seen on professional baseball fields.

Zero turn striping kits are made for many types of machines such as John Deere, eXmark, Toro, Hustler, Bad Boy and others.